Summer Registration FAQ

Am I required to attend Summer Registration?

Yes, registration is mandatory. All new, degree-seeking undergraduate students entering in summer or fall must attend a Summer Registration session.

What do I need to do before attending Summer Registration?

You'll need to complete any required placement tests at least 2 weeks before your registration day and pre-registration homework at least 1 week beforehand. You can find information on homework and placement tests on your Admitted Student Checklist in myIllini.

How long does Summer Registration last?

Summer Registration begins promptly at 9 a.m., with check-in beginning at 8:30 a.m. You should plan to be on campus until 5 p.m., although it’s possible to complete registration earlier in the afternoon.

How can I reschedule my registration day?

Although we don’t encourage you to change your registration day, you can reschedule using the same process you did when originally signing up. Once you give up your spot on your original day, it will become open for another student to take. You can’t hold reservations for multiple days.

I’m not able to attend any of the available days for my program. What should I do?

There are enough program days and capacity to accommodate all new freshmen and transfer students in all majors. However, if you’re unable to attend any of the available days listed, fill out our Conflict Form to explain your situation.

I’m an international or out-of-state student and can’t travel to campus in the summer. What options are available to me?

If you live more than 500 miles from campus, you have the option to participate in online advising or attend an August program date. You can sign up through the same process.

I live in Illinois or a surrounding state. Can I participate in an online registration appointment?

No, the online registration program is only available for international students and students living outside of the Midwest. You must attend an on-campus program.

Can I attend on a day that I didn’t register for beforehand?

No, our staff and academic advisors prepare specifically for the students who have signed up each day. Since we have limited advising capacities and academic departments available on specific days, we won’t be able to accommodate walk-ins, and you’ll have to return on another day.

I won’t receive my AP or IB results before Summer Registration. How will I know what courses to register for?

By completing your college homework and working with your advisor on your registration day, you’ll be able to predict your AP or IB test results. We also have required placement tests that will help determine your placement in the absence of AP results. If you need to adjust your schedule after receiving official AP results, you can do so by consulting with an academic advisor after arriving on campus in the fall.

Will course choices to be limited because they fill up early?

Current students register before new students, so some popular courses or times may be full. However, departments typically hold seats for new students, which are released throughout the summer, so there will be course availability regardless of your registration day. While it’s probably not realistic to get every course at every time you’d prefer, your academic advisor will work with you to make sure your schedule meets your educational goals and needs.

Do parents need to attend Summer Registration?

Although it's not required, parents are encouraged to attend Summer Registration. During the program, they'll receive valuable information about their child’s transition to college. They’ll leave the program with their questions answered and an understanding of the resources available to their child. Visit New Student Program's parent section for more details.

What will parents do during Summer Registration?

While they’ll spend some time with their child during the opening session and college meeting, parents will attend most of the program separately. They'll hear from New Student Programs, Parent and Family Programs, Housing, and other relevant offices throughout the day.

How do parents register for the Parent Orientation Program?

When students sign up for registration, they'll indicate if any parents or guests will be attending the program with them. We also encourage all parents to sign up for the Parent and Family Programs mailing list to stay connected with what's going on at Illinois.