Freshman Applicant FAQ

How do I apply?

Freshman applicants can choose to apply to Illinois in one of two ways: myIllini or Coalition. We don't give preference based on your application type. Only one freshman application is permitted per applicant, and the first submitted application is considered official.

When do I apply?

Application deadlines can be found on our dates page.

Once I submit my application, how soon will I be notified, and what decisions might I receive?

Notification dates are listed on our dates page. You can view our different decisions and what they mean on our decisions page.

How does my application fee affect my application status?

We won’t consider your application complete and won’t process it until we receive an application fee or an authorized fee waiver. We strongly encourage you to pay by credit card when you submit your application. If you choose to pay later, you can pay by credit card through your status page in myIllini.

What’s the early action filing period?

The early action filing period is explained on our dates page.

Does it matter which test I take?

We accept ACT or SAT I scores. For the SAT I, we accept both the pre-March 2016 test and the redesigned test.

Does the university require the writing portion of the ACT or the essay portion of the SAT I?

No, these portions aren't required for admission into most majors. If you're applying to a teaching licensure program, the writing portion of the ACT is required.

What ACT or SAT I score or class rank do I need to be admitted?

You don’t need a set ACT or SAT I score to be admitted. Admission decisions are based on a variety of factors. Read more on how we review.

Do you accept test scores by rush paper report from the testing agency?

No, we currently consider test scores sent electronically from the testing agency. Test scores listed on your official high school transcript or test score report aren’t considered official.

Do you accept letters of recommendation or other additional materials (for example, DVDs, portfolios, pictures, or essays)?

No, we don’t accept letters of recommendation. We’ll remove any unsolicited materials, including letters of recommendation, from your file before reviewing your application. An audition, portfolio, or interview may be required for Fine and Applied Arts applicants. See our application process for more details.

Can I add activities or honors to my application after I submit it?

No, we won't consider additional activities or honors once the application is submitted.

Do you consider the competitiveness of my high school?

We understand that every school offers different curricula. For this reason, we expect you to take advantage of the most challenging courses available at your particular school, earning strong grades in your courses. We also consider your test scores, essays, and extracurricular involvement when making our final admissions decision.

What percentage of undergraduates are from out of state?

Approximately 26% of our incoming freshmen are nonresidents. Out-of-state students are evaluated against the same criteria used for in-state students.