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College Communications Process

Learn more about the college communications process and your responsibilities as the main point of contact.

Data Report Request

To request a data report, you must complete the report request form at least 5 days in advance of when you need the report.


Those with proper access can use this admissions workflow system to review and process Illinois applicants.

Majors List

Those with proper access can manage the global majors list through this web interface.


Presentation creation and editing is orchestrated by the Visit Experience Team. If you have questions or comments about a visit presentation, email Debby Willard. If you have questions or comments about a summer registration presentation, email Katie Pollard.

To request a new presentation, please complete the Presentation Request Form. Submit at least 3 weeks before the due date.

The Admissions Photo Slideshow is on Youtube.

Current Presentations

R&Y Network

The R&Y Network is a campus cross-functional team united by admissions goals, collaborating to recruit and yield undergraduate students. Admissions counselors are a part of this network. For more information, visit the R&Y Network website.

Recruitment Material Request

Recruitment material requests are currently on hold in response to COVID-19 protocols. If you have a pressing need and are looking for an alternative solution in the meantime, email Baub Alred.

Slate Events

To set up an event and it's accompanying communications in Slate, email Crystal Northern, Admissions Communications Coordinator. Once your event has been set up in Slate, submit the email request form above so the Project Manager for the Office of Communications for Enrollment Management, can process it in Basecamp.

Transfer Articulation Guide

Those with proper access can manage the transfer articulation guide through this web interface.

Transfer Requirements Directory

Those with proper access can manage the transfer requirements through this web interface.

Web Edit Request

To request an edit to the Admissions or Registrar website you must complete the web edit request form. This form should be used to report errors and corrections to existing content. Suggestions for adding content should first be directed to the appropriate manager within Admissions. For freshman application content, contact Amy Ledford. For Transfer application content, contact Dustin Tarter. For visit related content, contact Debby Willard.

Communication Questions & Projects

If you have a communications-related question or request, email Doug Burgett, Creative Director for the Office of Communications for Enrollment Management.