Freshman Class Profile

These numbers show the middle 50% of freshmen admitted in Fall 2018, meaning that 25% of students were below this range and 25% were above. Some programs may have admitted at a more competitive level.


ACT Score: 27-33

SAT Score (no writing): 1270-1480

TOEFL: 102-110

GPA*: 3.38-3.90

*GPA is based on academic courses only using an unweighted 4.0 scale.

College of Agricultural, Consumer, & Environmental Sciences

ACT Score: 25-30

SAT Score (no writing): 1180-1400

TOEFL: 98-108

GPA: 3.30-3.85

College of Applied Health Sciences

ACT Score: 26-30

SAT Score (no writing): 1200-1360

TOEFL: 100-108

GPA: 3.35-3.82

Gies College of Business

ACT Score: 29-33

SAT Score (no writing): 1330-1470

TOEFL: 103-110

GPA: 3.52-3.89

College of Education

ACT Score: 25-29

SAT Score (no writing): 1160-1350

TOEFL: 104-110

GPA: 3.29-3.77

College of Engineering

ACT Score: 32-35

SAT Score (no writing): 1430-1530

TOEFL: 106-113

GPA: 3.70-4.00

College of Fine & Applied Arts

ACT Score: 26-31

SAT Score (no writing): 1210-1410

TOEFL: 96-108

GPA: 3.15-3.78

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

ACT Score: 28-33

SAT Score (no writing): 1290-1480

TOEFL: 103-111

GPA: 3.40-3.90

College of Media

ACT Score: 26-30

SAT Score (no writing): 1210-1420

TOEFL: 103-108

GPA: 3.18-3.69

Division of General Studies

ACT Score: 25-30

SAT Score (no writing): 1170-1400

TOEFL: 100-107

GPA: 3.20-3.70

School of Social Work

ACT Score: 24-27

SAT Score (no writing): 1110-1320

TOEFL: 101-107

GPA: 3.10-3.67

International English Testing System (IELTS)

Along with the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), the International English Testing System (IELTS) can also be used to show English proficiency. The typical scores for admission are a total of 7.5 to 8, with a score of at least 6 on all 4 modules.