Freshman Application Process

We make applying easy.

Complete your application.

You'll provide your high school courses and grades, choose your major and an alternative program, write an essay, and list your extracurricular activities, honors, and awards. We'll also use your application to determine admission into campus honors programs and award merit-based scholarships.

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Are you an international student?

You should also be aware of some additional requirements.

high school student applying on an iPad

Pay the application fee.

When you submit the application, you'll pay a nonrefundable fee by credit card or check. If you're a domestic student who qualifies for a fee waiver, your guidance counselor must submit our fee waiver form.

$50 Domestic

$75 International

Submit your test scores.

Standardized test scores are required for admission review. We accept the ACT or SAT I. You don't have to take the essay portion of the SAT. You also don't have to take the writing portion of the ACT unless you're applying to a teaching licensure program. Official test scores must be sent directly from the testing agency in time to meet our deadlines; we don't accept copies of score reports.

ACT Code: 1154

SAT I Code: 1836

Prove your English proficiency.

You need to demonstrate a command of the English language. If your first language isn’t English or you’re attending high school in a non-English-speaking country, we recommend you submit a TOEFL (code 1836) or IELTS score from a test you’ve taken within the past 2 years.

Special Cases

Depending on the major you're applying to, you may have a few more things to do.

Illinois students making art on the Quad

Art + Design Applicants

You also need to submit a portfolio. More information is available through the School of Art and Design or by calling 217-333-6632.

dancers making sweet movements through space and time

Dance Applicants

You also need to complete an audition. More information is available through the Department of Dance or by calling 217-333-1010.

a generic photo of a piano

Music Applicants

You also need to complete a music application and audition or interview. More information is available through the School of Music or by calling 217-244-7899.

an actor mid dramatic scene

Theatre Applicants

You also need to interview and complete an audition or portfolio review. More information is available through the Department of Theatre or by calling 217-333-2371.

Check your status.

Once you’ve submitted your application, check its status by clicking on your application in myIllini. Make sure your personal information is correct and you report any errors to us. If you need to make a change, submit the necessary Change Request Form in myIllini.