Denied Transfer FAQ

I was denied because my high school grades and test scores weren’t competitive for admission. What are my options?

You haven’t been selected for admission based solely on high school credentials. We encourage you to reapply once you have 30 graded transferable hours at your institution.

What does "Denied—Missing Required Courses" mean?

This means you’re missing courses required for admission to your selected major. You have the option of taking the required missing courses before the term of enrollment or requesting to be considered for your second-choice major. Check your status page in myIllini for additional information regarding this decision.

How can I obtain more specific information about my denial decision?

An admissions counselor would be happy to provide more information regarding the admission decision. Contact us at 217-333-0302 and ask to speak with a counselor.

I was denied because my application was incomplete. Can I still complete it?

Depending on your program of study, this may be possible. If you’re interested in completing your application, contact us at 217-333-0302 for more information.

Can I reapply for the same term?

No, you can’t submit a new application for the term to which you were denied. You must wait to reapply for the next available admission term.

Can I appeal my decision?

Yes. You can submit the Admission Appeal Form in myIllini to be considered for your original major or a new major. Contact an admission counselor at 217-333-0302 for more information.

I submitted an appeal. When will I find out if I’ve been reconsidered?

We’ll notify you of your decision 2 to 4 weeks after your appeal has been submitted. The deadline to appeal is December 20 for spring and June 1 for summer and fall. Your decision will be posted within myIllini.