Denied Freshman FAQ

What does being denied mean?

It means that you haven’t been selected for admission to the University of Illinois.

What does "Deny—Failed Special Requirement" mean?

It means that you didn’t meet audition or portfolio requirements for admission. If you’d like more information about the results of your audition or portfolio review, contact the department to which you applied directly.

I wasn’t selected for my first-choice major. Can’t I be considered for other majors?

If you listed a second-choice major on the application, you were considered for your first-choice major and your second-choice major, as well as related majors and the Division of General Studies.

Can I reapply?

You can’t submit a new application for the term to which you were denied. You must wait to reapply for the next admission term.

Can I appeal my decision?

Yes, you can submit the Admission Appeal Form in myIllini. Contact our office prior to submitting the form to discuss your options. An appeal should only be filed if new and compelling information is available or if you'd like to be considered for a program you didn't list as your first or second choice on the application. We won’t consider 7th semester grades or test scores received by our office after decisions are posted.

I submitted an appeal. When will I find out if I’ve been reconsidered?

No decisions will be made before March 1. After submitting your appeal, allow 2 to 4 weeks for a decision to be made. Once it has, your status will be updated in myIllini. The deadline to submit an appeal is April 15.