Freshman International Applicant FAQ

Freshmen applicants can choose to apply to Illinois in one of two ways: myIllini or Coalition. We don't give preference based on your application type.

Application deadlines can be found on our dates page.

Yes, we strongly recommend it. Selecting a second choice doesn't disadvantage you for admission to your first choice.

If you're not admissable to your first choice, you'll be reviewed for your second choice. If you're not admissable to either one, you'll be considered for all other avenues of admission. If you're admitted into your second choice or another program, you're considered wait listed for your first choice. This means that if space later opens up, we'll consider you again.

Not all majors are available as a second choice due to the competitiveness of the applicant pool. If you select a second choice, you'll be required to write an additional essay to explain your interest in that program (with the exception of the Undeclared program in the Division of General Studies).

If you don't select a second choice, you'll only be considered for your first choice. This option is only appropriate if you're certain you won't attend Illinois unless you're admitted to your first choice. If you don't select a second choice and you're not competitive for your first choice, you'll be wait listed or denied. You won't be considered for any other avenue of admission.

Notification dates are listed on our dates page. You can view our different decisions and what they mean on our decisions page.

The early action filing period is explained on our dates page.

In order for your application to be complete, we need a submitted application, a $75 (U.S.) application fee, and official test scores (either the ACT or SAT; the TOEFL or IELTS is strongly recommended for all non-native English speakers but isn't required).

Yes, all freshman applicants must complete either the ACT or SAT I. The university doesn’t use SAT II scores.

English proficiency requirements can be found on our admissions process page.

No, we don’t accept letters of recommendation. We’ll remove any unsolicited materials, including letters of recommendation, from your file before reviewing your application. An audition, portfolio, or interview may be required for Fine and Applied Arts applicants. See our application process for more details.

No, we won't consider additional activities or honors once the application is submitted.

No, we won’t process your application without the $75 (U.S.) application fee.

No, we currently consider test scores sent electronically from the testing agency. Test scores listed on your official high school transcript or test score report aren’t considered official.

No, we’ll only request financial documents and official transcripts if you’re admitted to the university and choose to attend.

Yes, you should complete the international undergraduate application at this time. When you receive your green card, send us a copy, and we’ll change your status within our system. Read more about residency.

You can read more about this process on our student visa page.

Our Programs of Study and Courses catalogs are available online.

Official check-in dates and procedures can be found on the International Student Scholar Services website.

In compliance with the reporting requirements of the federal Student Right to Know Act, the 6-year completion or graduation rate for full-time students who entered the university in 2008 was 84.1%.

Only 6% of 100-level courses have more than 100 students. Most large lecture courses have a small discussion, quiz, or lab section. Some lecture courses are large because they’re taught by an outstanding faculty member or because they’re interesting general education requirement options.

Students feel very comfortable here and are educated in crime prevention. We take a proactive stance toward a secure campus. We have a University Police Department that works with both the Champaign and Urbana Police Departments. Emergency phones are located throughout campus, along with escort services and evening ride programs. After 7:00 p.m., residence halls may only be entered by residents with keys.