Majors by College

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS)

Division of General Studies (DGS)

School of Social Work (SSW)

Pre-Professional Programs

Pre-professional programs can complement any major listed above.

  • Pre-Dentistry
  • Pre-Law
  • Pre-Medicine
  • Pre-Occupational Therapy
  • Pre-Optometry
  • Pre-Pharmacy
  • Pre-Physical Therapy
  • Pre-Veterinary Medicine


* American civilization, medieval civilization, and renaissance studies are concentrations within the interdisciplinary major.

** If you are not ready to declare a major you can apply to the Division of General Studies (DGS). The academic advisors in DGS will help you find a major that will meet your academic interests and goals.

^ Classical archaeology, classical civilization, Greek, and Latin are concentrations within the classics major.

^^ For more information, contact the College of Nursing at 217.333.2507.

~ For more information, contact Parkland College at 217.351.2478.