Required Documents by Country

We ask first-year students to submit transcripts and academic documents only after they have been admitted and have accepted their offer of admission. Transfer students are required to submit their official transcripts when they apply.

Records are considered official if the issuing institution sends them directly to us or if they're certified as true copies by an official of the educational institution, an embassy official, or an appropriate government official. Records not issued in English must be accompanied by an English translation that's certified by an appropriate school official, certified translator, or U.S. embassy or consulate official.

While we welcome applications from all over the world, this list doesn't include all countries and education systems. If you have any questions about what we need from you, please contact us.

China (excluding Hong Kong)

  • Junior school transcript (year 9)
  • Senior high school transcript (years 10 through 12)
  • A-Level certificate (if available)
  • O-Level/GCSE/IGCSE certificates (if available)
  • International Baccalaureate (IB) results and/or diploma (if available)

Hong Kong

  • Transcript showing courses and grades for years 9 through 12 (Form III through Form VI)
  • Form VI (we don't accept students after Form V)
  • HKDSE exam certificate
  • O-Level/GCSE/IGCSE certificates (if available)
  • A-Level certificate (if available)


  • ICSE, CCE certificate, or provincial Standard X exam certificate
  • ISC or Standard XII exam certificate
  • O-Level/GCSE/IGCSE certificates (if available)
  • A-Level certificate (if available)
  • School mark sheet for grades 9 to 12 (only if you attend a school that doesn't follow the Indian school system)
  • International Baccalaureate (IB) results and/or Diploma (if available)


  • Year 9 exam results (SMP)
  • Senior secondary exam results (STM, SMA, STTB)


Malaysian applicants must complete at least 1 year of UIUC-approved high school study following the SPM exam in order to be eligible for first-year admission. Enrollment in foundation, prep, and matriculation programs such as the MARA American Degree Prep Program (MADPP) will not count toward high school completion. Examples of accepted high school completion include:

  • Completion of the first year of the American Degree Transfer Program (ADTP) prior to enrollment
  • Completion of STPM prior to enrollment
  • Completion of an IB program prior to enrollment
  • Completion of A-Levels prior to enrollment

Students studying beyond the first year of the ADTP should apply as transfer students. Students applying to transfer to UIUC should meet one of the above requirements.


Students enrolled in the Integrated Program are not required to submit O-Level results. Instead, they should provide official transcripts from their Integrated Program curriculum and complete A-Level examination, an International Baccalaureate Diploma, or an equivalent examination to satisfy high school graduation.

For students who are or were enrolled in a 3-year polytechnic immediately after O-Levels, the first 2 years of polytechnic work will be counted toward high school completion rather than being counted as possible transfer credit.

  • O-Level certificate (if available)
  • High school or junior college transcript (only if O-Levels weren't available)
  • A-Level certificate (if available)
  • Polytechnic transcript

South Korea

  • Junior high school transcript (year 9)
  • Senior high school transcript (years 10 through 12)


  • Middle school transcript (year 9)
  • Senior high school transcript (years 10 through 12)

United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Transfer applicants from UAE universities who only completed Advanced Subsidiary (AS) exams must submit an official UAE government certificate evidencing high school completion and graduation.

First-year applicants who attended an A-Level curriculum high school in the UAE must sit for A-Level exams and be prepared to submit official A-Level certificates prior to enrollment in order to be considered graduates of high school.

Completion of Advanced Subsidiary exams alone does not qualify as high school completion as long as the A-Level curriculum and exams are available in the high school of attendance.

High School Completion examples:

  • Completion of the UAE or similar regional 12-year national curriculum
  • Completion of the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum
  • Completion of recognized Indian school curriculum (graduation after Standard XII)
  • Completion of recognized American school curriculum (graduation after year 12)