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Where Did All My Friends Go?

So I, like I imagine many of you... by Emma

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Interested in the PR Certificate?

Hi everyone! I hope this post finds you... by Taylor

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The Job Hunt #2: The Career Fair

Hello! Welcome to Day 3 of the Engineering... by Morgan

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Asking Questions: Admissions Counselor or Academic Advisor?

There are many people on the Illinois campus... by Brian

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Rain in Champaign - Dos and DON'Ts

I woke up pretty early for my 8... by Sivani

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“Fountain Fling” Gives Free Food and Fun!

As a junior, I feel like I should... by Samantha

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It's All About Balance

Week three, how exciting! I sincerely hope all... by Camille

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From Dorm to Apartment: Reality Check

To all freshmen, I welcome you and hope... by Juan

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It's fun to go exploring!

I am well aware of the fact that... by Sarah

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How to Stay Energized (Without Coffee)

I've documented my mood swings with coffee and... by Sivani

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