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Campus Size

Our large campus provides variety and availability in programs and resources.

Illinois by the Numbers

  • 32,294 undergraduates and 11,104 professional and graduate students
  • 150+ academic programs in 10 academic communities
  • 400+ study abroad options in 60+ countries
  • 1,000+ student clubs and organizations
  • Fewer than 30 students in 66.5% of all classes
  • Student-to-faculty ratio of 19:1

With such impressive numbers, it will be easy for you to meet people from all over the world, find your perfect major, study in amazing locations, take part in groundbreaking research, and pursue new extracurricular interests.

Easy Access to Faculty and Advising

You may be concerned that such a large university is impersonal, students have limited access to faculty, and most classes are held in large lecture halls with hundreds of students. At Illinois, that is not the case.

Students meet with their advisors during summer registration to map out their class schedules and they continue working with their advisors throughout their undergraduate years.

You will also be introduced to important campus resources, staff, and faculty as soon as you arrive on campus. You can forge helpful academic partnerships with faculty in class, during office hours, and through research or other special projects.

Getting Acclimated to Campus

To make the transition to Illinois as comfortable as possible, we provide focused programs for freshmen, such as:

Additionally, by becoming involved in one or more of our approximately 1,000 student organizations, you'll meet many people with similar interests. This will help you form strong connections to campus and make it seem much smaller.

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