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Additional International Requirements (Freshman and Transfer)

In addition to the standard admission requirements for freshmen and transfers, international students must also adhere to the following.

Academic Credentials

To be considered for admission to the University of Illinois, international students must be completing a program of study that qualifies them for admission to selective universities in their own country.

Financial Verification

If students will need Illinois to issue an I-20 (or DS-2019) in order to obtain a visa to study in the United States, the online I-20 application must be completed. Students will need to verify financial support of at least $57,500 USD to cover the first year of attendance beginning in the Fall 2015 semester. More detailed information about this requirement will be provided at the point of admission. This information is not needed during the application process and should not be submitted prior to admission.

Delay of Admission for Military Service

Students from countries that have a military service requirement upon completion of secondary education should not apply until that obligation has been met.  We will not delay admission for these students.

Unsolicited Information

Please do not send unsolicited information such as letters of recommendation.  That documentation will not be added to your file. 

Official Academic Transcripts / Documents for Admitted Students

After freshman applicants have been admitted and if they plan to enroll they will need to present official academic records for all secondary school and post-secondary school study, including official copies of all secondary school certificates and external examination results. Records not issued in English must be accompanied by an English translation that is certified by an appropriate school official, official translator, or US embassy or consulate official.

Records are considered official if they meet one of the following criteria:

  • The issuing institution sends them directly to the University of Illinois
  • They are certified as true copies by an official of the educational institution, an embassy official, or an appropriate government official

All academic records for transfer applicants must be submitted at the time of application.

Required Documents by Country

People's Republic of China (excluding Hong Kong)

  • Senior high school transcript
  • Junior high school transcript
  • A-level certificate (if taken)
  • O-levels/GCSE/IGCSE certificates (if taken)

The ACT or SAT is now required for all freshman applicants from China. It is also required for all transfer applicants who have completed less than 30 hours of credit at the time of application.

Note: Any student who enrolls at a university is considered a transfer student and is not eligible for freshman admission. This is true even if the student has not finished his or her first semester at the time of application.

Hong Kong

  • Transcript showing courses and grades for years 9 through 12 (Form III through Form VI)
  • HKDSE exam certificate (if taken)
  • HKCEE exam certificate (if taken)
  • HKALE exam certificate (if taken)
  • O-levels/GCSE/IGCSE certificates (if taken)

Note: Applicants, both freshman and transfer, must complete Form VI in order to be eligible for admission. The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign does not accept freshman or transfer students after Form V.

South Korea

  • Senior high school transcript
  • Junior high school transcript


  • ICSE, Certificate of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation, or provincial Standard X exam certificate
  • ISSE or Standard XII exam certificate
  • O-level/GCSE/IGCSE certificates (if taken)
  • A-level certificate (if taken)
  • School marksheet for grades 9-12, if student attends a school which does not follow the Indian school system


  • O-level certificate (if taken)
  • High school or junior college transcript, only if O-levels were not taken
  • A-level certificate (if taken)
  • Polytechnic transcript


  • SPM certificate
  • STPM certificate (if taken)
  • American Degree Transfer Program transcript (if taken)

Note: Applicants must complete at least one year of study following the SPM exam in order to be eligible for freshman admission. This year may be completed in a high school/STPM program or in an American Degree Transfer Program. However, students who spend two years in an American Degree Transfer Program should apply as transfer students. Only the second year of the program will be eligible for transfer credit.

New Zealand

  • Transcript for years 10 through 13
  • NZQA certificates are optional


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