Four years. Free Tuition.

Illinois Commitment

  • In-state students
  • $61,000 & under family income
  • Effective fall 2019

Is your family income more than $61,000? See more options.

Starting with our 2019 incoming class, we'll cover tuition and fees for up to four years for all qualified in-state students. That's our mission as a land-grant institution. That's Illinois Commitment.

How do you qualify?

  • You're an Illinois resident (parents listed on the FAFSA are also Illinois residents)
  • Your family income is $61,000 or less
  • Your family's assets are $50,000 or less
  • You're admitted as a new freshman or transfer student
  • You're under the age of 24

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Four simple steps to free tuition.

You may also qualify for an application fee waiver. Contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions for details.

Questions? We're here to help. Contact the Office of Student Financial Aid.

Para más información en español sobre Illinois Commitment, favor de comunicarse con nosotros al 217-333-0100 o por correo electrónico a

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