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Sororities and Fraternities

The University is home to the largest fraternity (men and co-educational) and sorority (women) community in the country. Over 6,400 students belong to almost 100 organizations classified as social fraternities or sororities. Four councils work to govern these students, with oversight from the Office of the Dean of Students.

Membership in these organizations is determined through respective recruitment and intake practices of the individual organizations. Recruitment typically takes place each fall and sometimes in the spring. Intake activities, predominantly used by culturally-based fraternities and sororities, are typically hosted during the spring semester. Information on these organizations can be found by visiting

Some of the organizations have housing that is certified by the University, meaning first-year students may live in them. Life safety inspections are done each semester to aid in facility safety. Fraternity and sorority housing is close to campus and hosts over 2,400 students. Rates for housing and fees for membership are determined by the individual organizations, though information on average costs is available. These rates are not determined by University employees and are not connected to University Residence Halls.

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